Friday, April 12, 2013


Some days... the magnitude of just how blessed I am hits me. I am blown away by how very much my Father in Heaven loves me. I mean, really. Paris France. PARIS FRANCE!! WHATTT???? How did I get that call? I am blown away by how perfectly God knows me. He knew I would trudge through jungle if I had to. He knew I would wash all my clothes by hand in a stream if I had to. He knew I would serve in a city just a few hours from my home town if I had to. But somehow, he decided to send me to France.

I also get the amazing blessing of serving my mission with my best friend, Kaity! She entered the Missionary Training Center January 30th, and is now serving in Hong Kong China. It's such a cool thing for us to serve at the same time because now there is no chance one of us will get married while the other is gone. :) haha 

The tender mercies of the Lord are REAL. I love my Heavenly Father.

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