Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Ok.... so this place is hard... BUT I LOVE IT HERE. I think one of the things that has really helped me is praying every day for the Lord to lengthen my time. AND HE DOES!! Every day I have a million and a half things to do, and somehow I do them all.

The food here is wrong. I have no idea how people gain weight here. I have lost weight. I can't wait for Paris. haha
Sunday Temple Walk with my district

I only have one hour on the computer every week, so Dear Elders and handwritten letters are the best! I hardly have time to check all my e-mails AND write a big fat letter. So when in doubt, please use dearelder.com! Thank you. :)

This week I got 2 packages in one day!! I felt sooooooo loved! One was concealer from Amber, and the other was brownies from Hal! They meant the WORLD to me!! I love you guys so much!! :) Thank you thank you thank you!

I saw Logan on Tuesday...and didn't realize until I saw him and looked down at my shoulder...that I had forgotten to put on my tag in the residence after I showered! :( WORST FEELING EVER. I felt like I was standing stark naked in public. We went back and got it, but I hope that never happens again. 

And Amber, I LOVED that letter from Trenton, Tyler, and Paige. I was DYING laughing. I love those cute kids!

And thank you Uncle Lan for the cards every week! :) I love them!  When I got your first card, I was feeling pretty discouraged. But your last words "Be tough!" were inspired! Whenever I'm getting down, I just write on the side of my notebook "Be tough! Be bold! Be brave!" and it just makes me smile and plunge back into language study.

 Mail in the MTC is like manna from heaven.
So...there's some fireside thing on June 23rd in the Marriott Center. I think it's going to be broadcasted. And...I'm going to be in the choir! So if it's on BYU TV, watch it! :) 
I learned the best lesson this week about teaching with the spirit. We were teaching Christopher, when all of a sudden I forgot how to say my memorized French phrases. I looked at him, with my mind completely blank. Filler French words GONE. So I looked him right in the eye and said. "This book true. You read. You pray. You pray to God. God speak to you. I know it's true. It will change your life." And...I got all teary eyed. Speaking like a weirdo, and I got completely teary eyed and could feel the spirit bearing witness of the truthfulness of my slaughtered French words. The spirit is what converts people, not how well you speak their language.

And Mom, thank you for your words "You is smart. You is beautiful. You is important." :) I've decided that I may not be the smartest, or the prettiest, or the best at French. But I can be Sister Bradley. I can be the kindest. I can be the one who makes your day better. I can be the one who helps people see their worth as children of God.
We had a devotional last night, and then we watched Sister Monson's funeral services. Everyone else was raving about the devotional, but the spirit spoke to me differently. The funeral meant more to me. Just hearing about Sister Monson's life and how wonderful and kind and Christlike she was. I WANT TO BE LIKE HER! Everyone said that she made everyone feel better about themselves. I want to be like her. I want to be like Christ.

My estimated departure date is June 24th.

I memorized the first vision in French! I have never been very good at memorizing, but the Lord works miracles here! I memorized it from flashcards while running around the indoor track at the gym. The Lord does lengthen my time, but sometimes I have to help him out and be extra productuve. haha
Our trainers

You know you've been in the MTC too long when....

Jokes about the MTC and missionary life are REALLY REALLY funny.

--The speaker gets up in Sacrament meeting and you cannot understand a word she is saying...and then you realize she is speaking English.
--You don't know if you're eating chicken or pork and you stopped caring 3 days ago.
--You call the place you live your "residence."
--Everytime you think the word "guys" you chastise yourself and immediately change it to "Elders" or "Sisters."
Remember: The sun never sets on missionaries testifying of the truthfulness of this wonderful gospel!

And also...The sun never sets on people praying for missionaries. :D And for that, I am eternally grateful.

Also...there is a Sister in my district who hardly ever seceives mail. Her name is Sister Swenson, and I know life has been really hard for her since she got here. If anyone has any extra time, can you please send her a dearelder? She is the sweetest girl in my district. So kind and Christlike. I LOVE her so much. I'm sure a good quote, a talk, or even a hello would help! Thank you! :) She has the same mailbox number as me. (Sister Swenson, second to the right)
I LOVE YOU ALL!! The atonement is so real and I see it change lives every day. Use it. :)
Au revoir, Soeur Bradley

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