Monday, May 5, 2014

All you NEED is love!

The wall above my desk that starts out pretty big but modest...
and slowly gets bigger and bigger and bigger as the transfer goes on.
Great. Week. Just beautiful. First and foremost, LUNA CAME TO CHURCH!!! GAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!! Luna has been an amie for eternity and has never ever ever come to church. She hasn't been to any church of any kind for 5 years. But we saw her twice this week and talked about all of the blessings and happiness. She told us she hates church. "But you have never been to THIS church, Luna! Give God a chance. We promise you will feel something that you have never felt before." She smiled and gave us the usual "I'll try to come..." So we said "Ok! We'll call you at 11 to wake you up and then we will meet you here in front of your door at 12;30. Ok? See you tomorrow!" She protested a bit, but we put our foot down. Then we left and prayed like we had never prayed before. And............... she met us at our metro stop at 12:30. In a dress. Smiling. And we all went to church. And she listened and took notes and at the end came up and HUGGED me. French people do not hug. That was a miracle in and of itself. 

This huge beautiful mural we walked by this week while searching for a former ami! 
This week we had zone conference and my last ever interview with President Poznanski. We get a new Mission President in July. When I realized it was my last interview, I just cried and cried. I think every person gets sent to the part of the world they need, but I also believe that we are sent to the Mission President we need too. President and Soeur Poznanski have completely changed my mission and my entire life. God knew I needed them. They are such incredible people. I will miss them more than I can bear to think about.
We had a lipstick party for P-day eve!

Every P-day eve we have some sort of celebration.
My last interview was the best interview I have ever had. He asked me what advice I would give to this Sister and then pulled up a letter I had written to him with some worries I had been having. I just broke down and cried. Then he asked me if he could be blunt and honest with me. I braced myself... and said yes. Then he broke into the most loving smile and said "Soeur Bradley, don't worry. I only have good things to say about you." and proceeded to tell me all of my strengths and talents and the Sister Bradley he sees and the Lord sees. I was completely overwhelmed by the love I felt. I knew he meant every word. He finished with "Soeur Bradley, you have a problem with comparison. Not against other people... but against an imagined self. You compare yourself against who you think you should be. My homework for you is gratitude. Just be grateful for who are you right now and you will have no time to compare yourself or pick yourself apart. Soeur Bradley, you have a great capacity to love and uplift other people. That's what you are good at. So just do that. Stop being so hard on yourself."

As I walked out of that interview, I thought to myself "Wow, I don't think I deserved all that. I didn't deserve that much love." Then the thought ran through my head 'maybe you didn't deserve it... but you needed it.'

I think we are all like that. Every one of us is just flawed and imperfect. We do dumb things. We say thoughtless things. We make mistakes. But we don't love others because they are perfect and live up to what we think they should be. We love other people because it's the right thing to do. We love other people because they need it. And when we do, I think it's the closest we can get on earth to being like God. 

This scripture says it best: "Be the children of your Father which is in heaven: for he maketh his sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sendeth rain on the just and on the unjust." (Matthew 5:45)

Love other people because they need it! Just LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE. 

I found this fridge magnet. I know it's pink, but it's just perfect.
Love, Soeur Autumn Bradley

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  1. I am so happy for you that your Ami finally came to church! How exciting =) And your interview with your mission president made me cry tears of joy. How much you must be growing as a person! We all have times when we look back and the picture is so much clearer... Thank you for sharing this journey with us!