Monday, June 9, 2014

The power of a little Trust.

Les Missionaires
Soeur Autumn Bradley
4 rue Horizon Vert #205
37170 Chambray-Les-Tours
We got to go to Le Mans this week for stake conference! We stayed the night with the Le Mans Soeurs and then came back Sunday afternoon. I mostly thought it was cool because this is Soeur Elliott's blue-ville and I got to be where all of her stories actually happened.
We walked into our lovely Tours cathedral and somebody was playing the organ! Died from joy. 
I love old floors. Expecially in Cathedrals. 
This week was lovely. And so hot! We say here that the elders win during the Winter because all of their shoes are water-proof and they always have a coat. But sister win in the Summer because we have breezy skirts and canvas shoes. Poor elders.
Quiche. I LOVE quiche. I make it as often as I can.  
We set a baptism date with Léa this week! :) She will be baptized July 5th. We saw her this week and as we were finishing the Plan of Salvation she began asking questions about the Bible. She told us that she wasn't sure what to believe because parts of it have been changed. "How am I supposed to know what is truth?! I feel like we need...I don't know... like another Bible!" :) She's so inspired I can't even stand it. We are definitely talking about the restoration of the gospel and new revealed scripture this week.
Oh, just walking home last night after we visited Helene. It is so hot here!!

I got to spend D-Day, June 6th,  in France! What a dream come true. And such a tender mercy that I got to spend it in the home of the Family Rambaud. They are a sweet less-active family who love the missionaries. Soeur Rambaud told us all about D-Day and that she remembers the day that the American troops marched into her little town. She said they lined the streets and waved white roses while they sang for the men who had come to liberate them! It was so beautiful to be able to speak with a French woman who was there. Just beautiful.

Sorry, I showed up in Tours and realized that whatever address I gave you 2 weeks ago is wrong. Here is the more accurate one:
Les Missionaires
Soeur Autumn Bradley
4 Rue Horizon Vert #205
37170 Chambray-les-Tours
(If you look it up and you see a big ugly tower apartment building, that's where I live. We call it the tower of Tours (Because Tours means towers).)
This morning we went and visited Chateau de la Branchoire!
I felt like I was visiting the grounds of Permberly except there was no Mr. Darcy to jump into the nearby ponds. 

This week we had district meeting and we talked a lot about trust. It hit me so hard. I don't even know how to put all I am feeling into words, but I will try. 

I have thought so much about the power trust has on the human mind. Trust in God, but also just trusting in each other. Trusting in all the other weak and feeble humans that surround you. I know that for me as soon as I know that there is one person out there who believes I can do it, all of a sudden I begin to believe it can too. I begin to catch a vision of myself that they have. I don't know why this is so powerful, but it just is! And then I thought about this: GOD TRUSTS US. I know that sounds weird, but think about it. He sent us down here believing that we can do it. Believing we can make it. Which means we can. God never ever gives up on or stops trusting us even we have given up on and stopped trusting ourselves. This video explains a little bit of what I am trying to say:

A few weeks ago I read a talk entitled the fourth missionary. There was just one line in it that stuck out to me and I have thought about over and over again ever since. "It is absolutely critical that you know that you can be the fourth missionary." That hit me so hard because instead of trying to make you be better by going from a negative angle of "You're not good enough, try harder" it approaches it from the positive and hope-filled "This is achievable. You can do it. You're gonna make it." 

Trust and believe in others, and then trust and believe in yourself. God trusts you. You're gonna make it.
xoxo, Soeur Autumn Bradley
I took this photo 30 seconds ago. Just pretend it's a snap chat. ;)

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