Monday, February 24, 2014

We doubt not.

 La Famille Lasa! Our recent convert friends from the Congo.
La Famille Allanic who had us over for Family Home Evening last Monday.
Some moments from this week that just make me step back, realize I get to preach the happiest thing on earth in Paris, and just laugh:
-Sat in the back of a couple's car on the way to a family home evening and listened to their excited and sometimes argumentative conversation for half an hour. And what was the subject of this passionate discussion? CHEESE. I am dead serious. Cheese. Oh, the French just kill me.
-A few weeks ago we were coming back from Paris to do Soeur Anderson's legality. On the way, a man with a moustache got on with the coolest sweater ever. So... I drew it. I sketched out the design in my notebook and when I was done I looked up and the man  was looking at my drawing. AWKWARD. But then he got off the bus. No big deal. Thought I was never going to see him again. Well... this week. Sitting on the bus and Soeur Anderson kicks me and whispers "That guy! You drew that guy's sweater..." And it was him. Dang it. Turns out we take the same bus pretty often.
-The many many, many times we stopped by less-actives and old amies and they were more than just a little unhappy to see us... but then we handed them our cookies/cakes... and BAM!! They were SO excited we were there!! And we actually had some pretty cool lessons because of a little baking.
Les Invalides dome! 
Napoleon's tomb. As my sister said "his head was too big to fit in a normal cemetery." 
The most BEAUTIFUL bridge in Paris, Alexandre III. 
Pont de la Concorde. This bridge is made out of bricks from the Bastille prison.
The Egyptian obelisk in the middle of Place de la Concorde, (or, as it was formerly know, Place de la Revolution!!). Seriously, I was standing where a huge angry mob guillotined their monarchs. Cool.
Soeur Diaz is moving to Nancy this week so we got one last photo. 
She has all my info so we are staying in touch forever! I love that there are people in the world that I had to meet and were important to help me continue on my journey, and I could only meet them in France. Who knew I had soul friends to discover in Paris?
Charline!! Our lesson this week was just incredible.
She has the hugest most sincerest to just KNOW and this hard -to-find willingness to ACT. GOLDEN.  And, she's hilarious and unique and so kind en plus. 
This week I have thought a whole lot about trust. Especially trusting in the Lord.

Why is this so hard? I tell investigators every day to trust trust trust and the Lord will take care of everything, but it is just so much harder when it's me and my trials and my problems.

But, like every other principle of the gospel, is just so SMART! It's smart to let the creator of the universe be in control instead of you. It's smart to let the person who created you and knows everything about you tell you what will help you grow. It's so smart to trust Him, because the more you do the more quickly and thoroughly He can work miracles in your life! When you give up your will and just give it all to the Lord, the he can completely change you into the glorious goddess He sees in you.

Fatoumia!!!! I cannot even describe how much I love her. She comes to all of our lessons
with her friend, Kashmira, and shares the most beautiful and powerful testimony.
My favorite thing I found about this was Doctrine and Covenants 101:13-16:

"And they that have been scattered shall be gathered. And all they who have mourned shall be comforted. And all they who have given their lives for my name shall be crowned. Therefore, let your hearts be comforted concerning Zion; for all flesh is in mine hands; be still and know that I am God."

Throughout this entire week the words to this hymn have been resounding in my head: "We doubt not the Lord nor his goodness, we've proved Him in days that are past." And flooding into my head came all of the memories of times when the Lord has been there. He fulfilled His promises and everything turned out ok, just like he said it would. The Lord is ALWAYS there, the only inconsistency is ME! As I was thinking about this song one morning, I opened up my scriptures and found the story I had written before my mission. My Bishop had asked me to write down why I had decided to serve and I had written it down and stuck it in my scriptures to remind me. I hadn't read it in so long, and as I was reading I just kept thinking "You've proved Him in days that are past..." God has always delivered me and God will always deliver me.

So here I am. trying to just give it up and hand it over to Him. I'll go where He wants me to go. I'll experience what He wants me to experience.
I hope all this jumbled craziness made sense. I love you all so much it's unreal. Hand over your will! It's so incredible worth it. Seriously.
Cristiane, our adorable French grandma who always feeds us little chocolate cakes. She is really interested in doing family history and we are going to bring her to the family history center soon.

xoxo, Soeur Autumn Bradley

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