Monday, April 7, 2014

Nos âmes blessée

All three of us lying on Soeur Elliott's bed one night. It's just the comfort bed.
I always go lay on it and tell Soeur Elliott all my life problems and woes.
We went and saw this adorable family! Lia is 10 years-years-old and LOVES the sister missionaries. We played apostle-go-fish and talked about General Conference! 
And... I got to pet a CAT. For a very long time.
Wow, good week. Tougher but amazing. Soeur Elliott has had really bad health problems her entire mission and this week all insanity broke loose. She got strep throat for the 6th time since September and member took her to a well trusted doctor...who told her that she has to get her tonsils taken out. So there was SO much craziness and uncertainty as we were talking to President and his wife and all of the mission doctors and nurses and trying to figure out if Soeur Elliott had to go home or not. (She doesn't!) Despite all of the insanity, God blessed us with so many miracles! I never cease to be amazed at how good God is to us.
The doctor also told her that she has really low iron and prescribed lots and lots of high iron foods. Most of which...... she refuses to eat. So... (she is going to read this and murder me...) I snuck some extra iron into her food. Yep, that soup you ate that had the weird texture. Totally mashed up some duck liver and blended it into the soup. Sorry. I love you. Don't you feel stronger this week? :) Soeur Ben Faour is the one who took us to the doctor, so she invited us to some over Saturday and eat some high iron foods with her family! :)
We went on exchange again this week and I got to go to Villeneuve d'Ascq!
And... there was a huge carnival going on and all of the streets were covered in confetti. Cool, right?
I don't know why... but the Elders ALWAYS get contacted by all of the cutest American girls! And then they introduce them to us... and we steal them. :) So, we got a new amie this week! Her name is Sam and she is from Calgary (but has the heart of a Californian). She is the MOST ADORABLE thing in the world! Growing up she said that most of her friends were Mormons. "I don't know what it is but Mormons are always the coolest and the funniest people..." She came to conference Saturday night and then we invited her to come again the next day. Her response? "Sure! I love church!" 
La Famille Ben Faour and our meal of mussels and frites. :) Lots of iron! 
They were actually incredibly delicious...
Soeur Ben Faour is pretty gifted in the kitchen.
The youngest little Ben Faour, Iona, LOVES to take pictures...
...but not be in them.
 Then she commanded us "act like cats!" 
General Conference was SO INCREDIBLE! Especially the Sunday morning session. I devoted part of my studies Saturday morning to writing down questions and prayers I needed answers to. Then I went to conference and was completely blown away by how perfectly and precisely God answered every single one. Even the obscure and not super important ones. God loves us SO much! He is so good and patient and just waiting to help us. I am so grateful for all of this new guidance we get every 6 months!
Doing our weekly planning in the GLORIOUS SUNSHINE!
My current favorite scripture is Jacob 2:8 "And it supposeth me that they have come up hither to hear the pleasing word of God, yea, the word which healeth the wounded soul." Isn't that lovely? Every one of us has wounds in our souls. Every one of us has holes that can only be filled by the power of the word of God.  
This week we taught Priscilia and talked about the restoration of the gospel and the Book of Mormon. We asked her what her feelings were about the Book of Mormon and she said the most beautiful thing. "I think it's proof of God's love." It is. All of the word of God is the proof of how much He loves us and the promise that He will never abandon us. 
Go into your scripture study willing to learn and change and I promise the Lord will inspire your mind and heal your wounded soul. 
xoxo, Soeur Autumn Bradley

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  1. I love all your posts, especially when you speak of the scriptures you are currently enthralled with.